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End Your Aggravation, Let Us Install Your Irrigation

Quit worrying about keeping your grass green with our irrigation installation, maintenance, and repair.

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Watering your lawn an often slip to the back of your mind. Before you know it, the sun has turned your green lawn into a brown crisp. With irrigation, simply program your settings once and let the watering handle itself for the entire summer. At Sunset Point Property Services Ltd, we can handle all your irrigation needs.

We can install new irrigation to your residential or commercial property. Whenever something goes awry, we can do any repairs and keep it working with routine maintenance. Your neighbours will be baffled at how you keep your lawn so perfect when it gets so hot. In the summer months, you and your lawn won’t burn.

As much as we like to only think about the summer, we do live in Canada. During the winter, we offer snow plowing services. Keep your pathways and parking lots clear and safe for your customers to walk on.

When we adjust the sprinkler every twenty minutes, soak the garden, and wrap up the hose, it turns watering into a chore. Don’t wrack up your water bill by forgetting you’ve left the sprinkler on. Keep your lawn maintenance hassle free with Sunset Point Property Services Ltd irrigation services.

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